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Las Vegas: Mount Charleston – Mary Jane Falls Trail

Mount Charleston – Mary Jane Falls Trail
Spring Mountains National Recreation Area
2525 Kyle Canyon Road
Las Vegas, NV 89124
(705) 827-5486


Mount Charleston

One of my favorite things to do while on vacation is go out and explore the great outdoors. Whether it be taking a long walk on the beach, strolling through a local park or hitting the trails at a nearby natural area – I’m down.

Last month, I took a trip to visit my best friend, Austin, in Las Vegas. It was the perfect mix of city (the Las Vegas Strip), history (Springs Preserve) and nature (Mount Charleston).


This post features my adventures up Mount Charleston’s Mary Jane Falls Trail.

Mary Jane Falls Trail


Let me start by saying this hike isn’t for beginners. According the internet reviews of the trail, the Mary Jane Falls Trail is described as “moderate”. I can definitely vouch that this nearly 3-mile trail certainly isn’t a cake walk.

Austin and I work out regularly and it didn’t take very long into the hike for us to get winded. I blame it on the elevation. What do a Floridian like me and former Floridian like him know about high elevations!?


We sucked it up with numerous rest breaks, Instagram photo ops, lots of water, protein bars and beef jerky.

Best Friends in Mount Charleston


It was a beautiful and challenging adventure. The trees were plentiful and nice to look at; there were luscious Ponderosa Pines, White Fir, Aspen and Mountain Mahogany.



From the mountain, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining enough to keep us warm despite patches of ice along the trail.



The views became exponentially more amazing the higher we hiked. The mountains became clearer and bigger while the trail below become smaller and narrower from up high. I totally sound all nostalgic and spiritual right now but it really is life-changing to see the world from this point of view.

The most fulfilling part was obviously making it to the top of the trail. Woohoo!

According to Austin’s Snapchat filter, the elevation at the top was 9875 feet. Hot damn, we hiked that!


At the top, was a waterfall. Unfortunately, it was frozen but still pretty cool to look at. You could hear the ice dripping as it melted from the sun’s heat and you could see little pieces of ice start to fall off the giant icicles.


It was truly an accomplishment reaching the peak of Mary Jane Falls Trail.


The journey down the trail was so much easier than the trek up. I think it made up about 45 minutes of our nearly 3-hour hike. But hey, we conquered the Mount Charleston’s Mary Jane Falls Trail.

Down Mary Jane Falls Trail

If you’re looking for a lovely change of scenery in Sin City, I challenge you to test yourself and see the beautiful mountains of Nevada on the Mary Jane Falls Trail.


Happy Trails!

– JK



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